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The Casa cu Flori Guest House, certified with 3 daisies, is located in the Valea Crisului Commune, Covasna County, 30 km from Brasov, near Sf. Gheorghe Town. The distance from Bucharest, by car, is approximately 205 km, and the drive takes approximately 3 hours.

A beautiful villa welcomes you here, in Valea Crisului, harmoniously integrated between firs, beeches and birches, with an elegant restaurant and a pub provided with a darts board, a ping-pong table, foosball, air hockey and other games.

In the large yard, with a lawn and alleys, children can run around freely with scooters, bicycles or they can use the sledge in winter. We also have some wonderful games and toys for your little ones.

This is where you can get your share of optimism and joy of life.

On the surrounding forested hills, as well as inside our guest house, you can escape prejudice and are free to be yourself, sheltered from any inquiring and indiscrete looks. Only trees and squirrels stand outside your window, and hawks share their flight and freedom with you, from the heights of the sky.

In our comfortable rooms, under goose down comforters, you will be visited by pastel dreams, similar to the naive images painted on the hard wood furniture.

To regain your strength, you can eat a healty meal, without any worries, because during the tours and trips to the Bodoc and Baraolt Mountains nearby, you will burn those calories in no time.

One of the residences of Prince Charles of Great Britain, who has recently bought and given an ecological meadow located nearby, to his newly arrived nephew, is found close by. Our visitors can share the same air and curating waters as the future king of the United Kingdom, considering that we are located in the area bordering the Covasna, Tusnad, Balvanyos, Borsec and Bodoc resorts.

Lake Sfanta Ana, known amongst locals as “the cursed lake”, with a glacial and fascinating beauty, grumbles in the depths of old volcanic sources. The fumaroles in the area, providers of health, should also be used accordingly.

We are fanatics when it comes to  food, which is why the food we serve is made from fresh ingredients, together with the house wines brought directly from wine makers from renowned wine-growing regions. The menu of the day is established together with our foodie guests, to ensure their full satisfaction and to provide them with an unforgettable stay.